Sonar Studio Beta v. 0.3: Major Update

Sonar Official
5 min readOct 20, 2022

Welcome to the biggest update yet! Version 0.3 is the foundation that the rest of the Sonar ecosystem will be built upon.

We are happy to introduce 3 main components of the update, and in this article we will break down all of them in detail.

  1. Sonar Studio branding and total redesign
  2. New app: Sonar Academy
  3. Sonar APIs and new indexing infrastructure

Sonar Studio

Sonar Platform has been rebranded as Sonar Studio.

The entire user experience of all apps has been redesigned for greater intuitive simplicity following feedback from the community. The interface components as well as the look and feel have been overhauled, and the buttons condensed.

Users are now able to toggle between an overview mode and the new Live Trading mode.

The Live Trading mode loads the industry-standard Trading View widget, and real-time transactions feed — both powered by our blazing-fast infra.

Additionally, the TX table formatting has been redesigned to offer best-in-class readability.

Expert users can be even more efficient by switching via keyboard, hitting the “T”, and even setting this mode as the default view for Token Studio.

The new Social Trends section substitutes the old Sentiment Chart, improving data comprehension and including engagement metrics — letting you understand more from the big picture.

In addition to the cosmetic and UX optimization, the following major additions are shipped in this update:

  • A platform-wide search option has been added, allowing search terms to return results from different apps, such as Token Studio and Newsroom, simultaneously.
  • Transitions between states have been optimized and standardized.
  • Three new supported blockchains: Avalanche, Fantom, & Cronos.
  • Improvements to page-loading and performance dynamics.
  • Migration to proprietary Sonar Blockchain Indexing API.
  • Complete refactoring of Wallet Connect authentication system.
  • SEO optimizations.
  • Real-time updates of all data points.
  • Highlight refactoring, all highlights will expand into additional metrics and analytics when clicked.
  • Price impact calculator added.
  • Social sentiment now includes historic sentiment analysis as well as engagement rate analysis.
  • Many more features & minor bug fixes.

Sonar Academy

Sonar Academy is Sonar Studio’s “education module”.

The Academy will serve as a comprehensive educational resource library consisting of many articles at launch. In subsequent updates, additional media such as a glossary of terms, short-form listicles, videos, and podcasts will join the selection of available content.

See the full article on the Academy HERE.

The Academy will also be one of the most important acquisition channels for Sonar Studio. All content is painstakingly SEO optimized and embedded in our marketing efforts to attract new users looking to increase their knowledge and ability to navigate crypto.

Sonar Blockchain API

Sonar Blockchain API is the third and final component of the update — an high-speed blockchain indexing and analytics system which now powers the Sonar Studio.

This component lays the foundations for the entire ecosystem’s data needs, will serve as an important incentive for developers to build for Sonar and, last but not least, will become a commercial product adding a B2B stream to our revenue strategy.

Our business development and marketing team are at work to define the market placement, product branding and client management processes.

Some very high-level aspect of the infrastructure are:

High performance: All of the Sonar Blockchain API technology components have been thoroughly optimized for high performance thresholds.

Scalability: Sonar Blockchain API uses Kubernetes to assure that scalability is performed in an automated and non-interrupted way, and is able to increase or decrease the number of computing resources used at any given time dynamically and according to the usage demand. In that way, Sonar assures that a consistent API performance is delivered, regardless of the usage load.

Fault tolerant: All infrastructure components are extensively tested to avoid failures and use high redundancy on all tiers of the Sonar Stack to avoid any service interruption. The client nodes, the extraction of data from the different blockchains, and the components used for backend and frontend all work together in harmony to provide stability from downtime.

Premium data quality: Every single API endpoint of the Sonar API has completed a rigorous data quality assurance process, using the most advanced automated and human supervision to ensure sourcing the most highly curated data available.

Security as a focus: Sonar uses an end-to-end approach to develop software with the highest security standards in mind, with automated detection of security threats before damage can be inflicted.

The Future

The 0.3 update milestone will be a big one for the Sonar Ecosystem.

The upgraded Studio, Academy, and Indexing are all components of a larger system coming into view.

Innovations like GUIs and early web browsers changed the game with how users could explore new technologies. They made it easy, fun, and accessible for users of all skill levels to navigate those new frontiers.

Now, we find ourselves in the early stages of another wave of emerging tech of cryptocurrency and Web3.

Sonar’s mission is to bridge this gap between emerging tech and users, making the new Web3 easy and fun to navigate while also providing powerful tools to optimize the experience.

Web3 needs a user-centric OS.