Introducing: Sonar Academy

Sonar Official
4 min readJul 27, 2022

Sonar Academy is the soon to be released education module with the Sonar Studio v 0.3 major update. The Academy will serve as a comprehensive educational resource library, consisting of a multitude of articles at launch. In subsequent updates, additional media such as short-form listicles, videos, and podcasts will join the selection of available content.

Why education is a core tenet of Sonar

From Sonar’s humble beginnings, our very first ideas about what we wanted to contribute to the crypto space always revolved around transparency, ease of access, and empowering users through education. Sonar is building the next generation of advanced trading and portfolio management tools, but what good are tools if one doesn’t know how to use them?

Sonar’s core mission is to empower the next generation of crypto users and be the singular point of access to everything that a user can do on the blockchain. While higher tiers of Sonar Studio may appeal to advanced traders, we also anticipate greater and greater number of those new to crypto and entering the space for the first time.

From this necessity, Sonar Academy was born. Simply providing the tools for people to use is not enough. So, we have endeavored to create a comprehensive library resource of everything one needs to know about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Start with the basics, and advance to higher tiers of knowledge as your levels of comfort with the crypto space grow. Or maybe you are already an experienced crypto veteran and just want to brush up on a subject you are not quite clear on and understand the finer details of how it works. This is why we created the Academy.

Education is not just a personal thing either, it is something that can be shared with others and ultimately, we believe, change the world for the better. That is after all why we are building Sonar, so that we can empower and change as many lives as possible. Cryptocurrency is the next financial and technological revolution, and Sonar is standing at the door ready to welcome everyone in.

How will the Academy work within the Studio?

There will be multiple paths and call to action portals which will link to relevant educational content throughout Token Studio and Newsroom. While users are viewing their portfolio or favorite lists of watched tokens, prompts will be presented to the user to find out more about the relevant token or news story.

Additionally, if the user wishes to browse or search the entire available library, Sonar Academy is accessible by its own tab in Sonar Studio. The interface as is below —

There are several points from which to begin navigating the Academy content.

  • Basics — The best place for beginners to start. Covers subjects of blockchain fundamentals and terminology.
  • Projects — A continuously expanding encyclopedia of different blockchain based projects. Beginning with the top projects, further articles will be added over time. It is a valuable resource for investors looking for the next place to put their money.
  • DeFi — Covers more advanced subjects that one would encounter while navigating DeFi such as wallets, DEX’s, staking and lending protocols.

Additionally, there are options to search either by token, topic, or recently added content.

An article from the “Projects” category

At later stages, community article contributions will be accepted through a vetting process. In the image above, the article author is shown near the title. In later versions of the Studio, such contributions will be incentivized and gamified with contributors able to earn special badges, NFT’s, and other rewards to advance their position and income opportunities in the Sonar Ecosystem. Additionally, there will be “learn to earn” gamified mechanics within the Academy which will further incentivize users to brush up on their knowledge!

We hope you enjoy the Sonar Academy!