Monthly Progress Update: October 2022

Sonar Official
2 min readNov 7, 2022

October was a month packed with updates and events! Take a look below for an overview of everything that happened last month:

Launch of Sonar Studio Beta v 0.3

A major milestone in the evolution of the Sonar Ecosystem, as well as the foundation that all future updates will be built upon. For the full details, please read this Medium article below.

Sonar Studio v. 0.3:

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Founders AMA: 0.3 Launch Edition

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0.3 Press Release

We launched a global press release announcing the v. 0.3 launch. A total of 16 publications, see the article below.

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Whitepaper Registration Explainer

A question the community has asked often is “what is the delay on registering the new whitepaper?”. Iwan, Sonar Chairman, has written an article explaining the steps of the process we are currently in.

READ: Whitepaper Registration Explainer

Launch of The Sonarian Newsletter & New Website

We kicked off our new monthly (sometimes more) newsletter titled The Sonarian!

It is included in the design of our new WEBSITE. To subscribe to the newsletter, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the prompt shown below:

Team Addition: Krešimir

“We are truly honored to introduce you to Krešimir; finally, our SEO specialist

He has been part of the team for a few months.

Krešimir is a skilled SEO professional with experience working with large multinational brands, banks, and governments. Besides working as a senior SEO, he runs his own projects, runs the biggest SEO community in Croatia 🇭🇷, and, of course, works with us to help Sonar have the most extensive possible reach on search engines.

And he’s also pretty good at chess.”