Visualizing the Next Chapter: Sonar Rebrands

Making waves in a market defined by its fast pace, bleeding-edge tech, and relentless push forward requires us to embrace a concept, more representative of Sonar’s core values, its personality, and the focus of our venture.

The mind

A bold reimagining of several design layers represents our advance toward the future, while the careful preservation of our core identity remains the most important objective.

The Original.

Sonar is a young, yet mature organization. The driving force behind a deep and powerful ecosystem of tools, designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

We needed a way to express all this and more in a package that would be impactful, highly memorable, and versatile.

We envisioned a simplified, minimal design that embodies both the modernism and dynamism of our character as a company.

The soul

Before touching any design tools we first took time to really engage with our brand, to dissect it into its most important components, and identify the elements which needed optimization while underpinning the ones that “just made sense”.

The signature Sonar rainbow evokes the wondrously diverse and seemingly endless opportunities offered by crypto and blockchain technology while the pointer suggests direction, guiding the way and clearing the path forward.

The body

Simple in its message, powerful in its elegance, evocative of its past, and focused on the future. We made it bold. Just as we’ve become emboldened the further we venture on our mission.

Boldly going into new territory.

The new mark elegantly represents all of what the previous one stood for while making room for so much more.

The pointer stretches above and beyond the borders, hinting toward undiscovered potential and opportunities to come, while the dynamics of it all remain — subtly and beautifully imprinted in the trailing tail of the rainbow ring.

As for the logotype, we went with a light and classical, yet modern Bauhaus-esque font which rebalances the entire picture into a cohesive and impressive statement.


… and the rest

Because a brand is much more than a logo, we’re also overhauling the visual tone and style of all our products. Here’s a taste:

Under the direction of our Brand Design Lead Francesco, our motion graphics artist Diyoz has developed the vision of a dynamic, novel, and exciting medium. The space where Sonar lives. A scene that resonated with us immediately making us exclaim “That’s just right!”

Elegance, flow, direction, and drive all melt together in this fresh thematic style that will soon flood every facet of our visual identity.

… and beyond

Sonar is changing. It’s evolving. We’re rapidly expanding and with this growth comes the experience needed to recognize and let go of what’s holding us back.

Change is inevitable and necessary for survival, advancement, and ultimately success. Movement keeps us limber and ready to react and adapt at a moment’s notice. These ideas are at the heart of everything we do, from the services we provide to the company we keep, and they are represented plainly with what is yet another step toward an ever-better future.

How do we look?



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