The Transparency Effect

  • Another new developer being onboarded. A code security specialist with a finance background who’s single job is to audit our own code for vulnerabilities. Contracts, bridge, Wallet, and anything else we build.
  • Quick recap of The Blockchain Education series hosted by Eli, with guest Michael. A Twitch and YouTube series streamed every week where Eli covers the fundamentals of different aspects within the crypto space. Great for those new to crypto!
  • Suleman explains how we analyze our own marketing data
  • New Collaboration announcement with a yet unnamed Fiat Onramp. You will be able to buy $PING directly with fiat! Will go live 2–3 weeks. Exact date will be announced soon.
  • Updates from Mike on the Ethereum bridge. We have two dedicated developers working solely on the bridge. Mike explains typical expectations and timeframes of development processes, and demonstrates how Sonar is moving at a brisk pace and ahead of schedule.
  • Cristiano reaffirms our commitment to quality when it comes to the platform. Sonar aims to be the gold standard in the space and will not be released sub-par to our quality standards.
  • The team touches on our strong price position and what to expect in price movements in the coming weeks.
  • Q&A section with the community.




The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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Sonar Official

Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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