The Test Of Time

In crypto, everything is a cycle. Even the strongest and most well known assets play out phases of price and volume. Ethereum and Bitcoin have both seen volatile price fluctuations year in and year out, sometimes dropping as much as 80% in value. However, over a long enough period of time these assets have recovered and gone on to surpass previous all time highs. When the value behind the asset remains, then the short term price should never be a cause for concern. This concept holds true for the biggest coins, as well as newcomers such as $PING.

Here at Sonar we are not focused on or overly concerned with the natural cycles of the price. We continue to build the things that matter: product and value of the ecosystem.

Ethereum Launch

We are only days away from our relaunch on Ethereum. We will be redeploying ePing with a new contract address, and we are making some final changes to the bridge contract. All in the name of quality and safety! CertiK will be putting their seal of approval on the final iteration of the bridge and a definitive launch date will be announced very soon.

Bridging onto Ethereum is some of the first vital steps that Sonar is taking to become the beating heart of all blockchains. Access to the DeFi protocols that reside on Ethereum is a main objective of ours.

Founders AMA *Special CertiK Edition*

For this weeks AMA, Larry Lundy from CertiK joins us to speak about Sonar, our audit process, security of our bridge code, and more! You do not want to miss this one! The whole thing is a must watch.




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Sonar Official

Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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