Sonar’s PING Token ICO: A Comprehensive Guide

Sonar Official
4 min readJan 16, 2024

The highly anticipated moment has arrived — Sonar is gearing up for the launch of its utility token, PING. After months of meticulous preparation, the token is set to debut on both the Arbitrum-One and ERC-20 networks.

This article serves as an informative guide, walking you through the intricacies of the 4 rounds of the ICO and PING token launch, providing a clear roadmap for those eager to join us on this exciting journey.

Institutional Raise (Round 1)

This phase of the ICO started a few months ago and includes institutional token investment into Sonar. It is open to institutions/companies/angel investors.

Private Sale (Round 2)

Our ICO kicks off with the private sale round, where community members can contribute in stablecoins or Ethereum across ERC-20, BEP.20, or Arb-One networks. The minimum threshold for participation is the equivalent of 500 USD. To get involved, visit the Private Sale link.

This round is structured into four unique offers, each offering higher discounts for larger purchases, albeit with stricter vesting schedules.

Private Sale participation steps

  1. Select the relevant offer based on your intended contribution amount in USD.
  2. This directs you to the KYC platform provided by our technical partners, Blockpass. This platform not only covers standard KYC requirements but also requests wallet address identification. Please note that this personal information is securely stored within the Blockpass platform.
  3. Successful completion of the KYC process results in a confirmation email. Follow the provided redirection link to the official Sonar website. Be vigilant against scams and avoid accessing any links outside of this email.
  4. Once on the Sonar website, you will be presented with a designated wallet address for fund submission. If you possess a coupon code, enter it in the provided space, along with the transaction hash, to be eligible for the relevant bonuses upon launch.
  5. If the KYC process is NOT successful, the participant is not allowed to contribute any funds. Any funds which are sent anyway to try to circumvent the process are considered lost.

Private Sale Referral Program

The referral program shall provide the opportunity to any participant to be eligible for a 5% bonus on any successful contributions made upon your referral using your coupon code, as shown in the steps below:

  1. Create a coupon code through the “Refer and Earn” section on the website. This shall require you to provide your wallet address.
  2. Share the coupon code with any of you friends, colleagues, followers, etc, along with the private sale link.
  3. Any participant that uses the coupon code shall get a 5% bonus over their contribution (if they purchase 1000 USD worth of tokens, they get 50 USD bonus in tokens)
  4. You (the code creator) shall receive 5% bonus based on the participant´s purchase (i.e. if 10 people purchase 1000 usd each using your coupon code, you will receive 5% of 10,000 USD = 500USD worth of tokens).
  5. Fore more information kindly stay updated through our social media.

The private sale remains open for a few weeks (exact dates to be announced), after which the team will officially close the round in preparation for the Public Sale.

Public Sale (Rounds 3 and 4)

The Public Sale shall commence following the completion of the previous round, and shall span for around 2 to 3 days in its entirety. This will be divided into the Whitelist Public Sale (Round 2) and the Open Public Sale (Round 3) and will be hosted on a decentralised platform (yet to be announced). Participants will be able to contribute anywhere between 1–500 USD. The public sale is a simpler process and solely requires the commitment of funds by connecting to the decentralised platform with your Web 3 non-custodian wallet.

Whitelist Public Sale (Round 3)

The Public Sale will initially open only for whitelisted wallets. These shall include ICO subscribers on our website who will have an opportunity to enter the whitelist subject to completion of tasks, competition winners and so on. To stay updated on the ways to win a whitelist spot, kindly follow our socials announcements and frequently visit our website. The whitelist wallets shall be given a timeframe of a few hours to contribute their funds.

Open Public Sale (Round 4)

The Public Sale will be then opened to the general public. Anyone with a web3 non-custodian wallet shall be able to contribute 1–500USD worth of stablecoin (USDT or USDC) or ETH on a first come-first serve basis until the sale allocation is exhausted. This shall conclude our entire ICO process and prepare us for launch.

TGE /PING Launch

The token shall launch within 3 days of the public sale completion, on multiple decentralised and centralised exchanges.The users shall be sent their unlocked tokens immediately at launch. Beware of scams! The team shall not contact you or require you to claim. The tokens will automatically be sent to your wallet address!

This period marks a transition in our marketing message, shifting from ICO-specific marketing to encompass the live token, upcoming announcements, development updates, and partnerships.


The article provides only an overview of the processes involved. For more information kindly stay updated through our socials and website. Further information and more specific dates shall be announced in the near future.

Let´s make 2024 the year of Sonarians!