Sonar Studio Beta v. 0.3: Major Update

  1. Sonar Studio branding and total redesign
  2. New app: Sonar Academy
  3. Sonar APIs and new indexing infrastructure

Sonar Studio

  • A platform-wide search option has been added, allowing search terms to return results from different apps, such as Token Studio and Newsroom, simultaneously.
  • Transitions between states have been optimized and standardized.
  • Three new supported blockchains: Avalanche, Fantom, & Cronos.
  • Improvements to page-loading and performance dynamics.
  • Migration to proprietary Sonar Blockchain Indexing API.
  • Complete refactoring of Wallet Connect authentication system.
  • SEO optimizations.
  • Real-time updates of all data points.
  • Highlight refactoring, all highlights will expand into additional metrics and analytics when clicked.
  • Price impact calculator added.
  • Social sentiment now includes historic sentiment analysis as well as engagement rate analysis.
  • Many more features & minor bug fixes.

Sonar Academy

Sonar Blockchain API

The Future



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