Sonar Platform: Introduction

If you are in the cryptocurrency space in any way at this time, you are a pioneer and an early adopter. There is much uncertainty in the market as things develop and change at a blistering pace. Keeping up with the latest innovations or trends is a demanding task even for the most seasoned technology and software professionals.

The current state of the market is one fraught with peril but also great opportunity. It would be accurate to compare it to the Gold Rush of 1848. Prospectors, thieves, and those becoming rich overnight seem to be everywhere. So how to navigate this emerging space where accurate information is the gold to be found? Introducing Sonar, our comprehensive suite of Crypto Analysis Tools.

The problems and our solution with tracking emerging crypto markets

In many ways, trading in the modern crypto market is still very much like the Wild West. There is great opportunity, but there is also great risk. To be successful the average investor must maintain and monitor a dizzying array of information. Knowing how to find the necessary information is the first hurdle, and even more challenging is understanding how to apply it.

Much of an investors time is spent painstakingly combing through social platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, forums, Telegram groups, YouTube channels, and whatever the latest Elon Musk tweet is.

There is currently little in the way of tools to gather all this data into a sensible and useable stream for the busy trader. We intend to address this need directly. Our platform aims to remove the guesswork and the frantic nature of the information game, distilling it all into one space ready to be used.

Currently, price movement and listing alerts are available through various services. But that is not the complete picture, and making proper investment decisions requires a deeper context for the movement of the price. Why is it happening? What is the current sentiment on social media? Did an influencer just post about it on Twitter? Or maybe an audit was recently completed and posted to the CertiK website. All of these factors and more provide the complete picture that allows any savvy or beginner trader to make more informed decisions.

Although this may sound a complex description, the platform itself exists to make things easier, as the core mission of our upcoming platform is to streamline, facilitate and empower every kind of user, from the hyper-knowledgeable to the new user.

The Sonar Platform is an AI driven data aggregation suite which monitors the BSC and Ethereum networks (PancakeSwap, Uniswap) in real time. Meta-data is gathered and analyzed automatically and fed into our easy-to-use interface. Think of it as a one stop shop for all of this information and more. Any Crypto Coin or Token listed by Sonar will reflect a live feed of relevant information, available upon search or direct push notification saving you time and money.

Crucial information about current sentiment, contract code security, completed or pending audits, trending on social media, influencer support, use case, DEX and CEX listings, and more. Our development path aims to make these into customizable conditional chains with alerts to what is relevant to your investing strategy.

The homepage gives an overview and suggests the best performing tokens, not only from a mere price action perspective but taking into account many more indicators regarding growth that can influence said price action.

The platform will also provide an incredibly advanced alerting system that can react to several kinds of events with never before seen options.

You’ll be able to create alerts for price movements happening within a certain timeframe (rather than simply in any case), for DEX listings and featurings, specific kinds of transactions — and in the hopefully near future you will be able to create conditional chains combining these criteria.

All the aforementioned features shine thanks to a carefully designed user experience, which in the token specific overview brings to light important technical details from the contract and more in the most easy to digest way.

All crucial information that you normally have to dig out from contracts or just hope for someone else to accurately tell you are presented with utmost clarity and readibility — along with links to the most important channels and content about it.

That contract information, along with the rug check functionality will provide clarity and peace of mind to our token holders that dabble in the most risky currencies.

The most cutting edge features are still under development and will be announced at a later time. Due to protecting our IP, they must be kept confidential at this time. However, we very much look forward to announcing what else is in store in the near future! The current prototype only reflects a portion of the overall platform that is being planned and developed at this time.

The aforementioned functionalities will be offered to users represented by different tiers. Some of the basic functionalities (tier 0) will be offered to anyone. Tier 1 users will access the customizable analytics dashboard and tier 2 unlocks the alerting layer.

We believe these tiers provide an added value to investors who are simply using our product, as well as holders of our token who benefit from the continued purchase of our tokens by others.

Tier 3 and its features is still under development at this time.

The ability to level-up you tier is determined by the number of $PING tokens you are currently holding.

The alerting substrate, enhanced with the conditional chaining capabilities, will to provide the ability for complete automation; pairing alerting with buy/sell functionality, de facto creating the first smart trading robot/sniper of its kind.

Beside the motivation for holders to acquire our token and in the future spending it to access most advanced features, the platform will enjoy multiple revenue streams from advertising banners and paid featurings in dedicated sections.

We pride ourselves to be a diverse team of people from all over the world from every continent. Decentralization is who we are. Our motivating force is to bring a high level of trust and transparency back to the Binance Smart Chain and beyond.



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