Sonar Platform Beta Phase: All You Need To Know

A reason to build

A simple vision

A solid plan

Token Studio

How it works

  • Overview is where we go to understand what a project is all about. With a comprehensive summary of its use case, fundamentals and history, and portals to all of its communities and socials it acts as the jumping-off point for all further research.
  • Highlights deals in the project’s current financial and social state. It’s the part of the application we look to for real-time feedback on everything from essentials like Market Cap, Volume, and Holders, through AI-powered scores on sentiment and price performance, to personal reports on our interactions with the project’s cryptocurrency. Our buys, our sells, profits, losses, current and past positions, and more.
  • Vitals is the pulse of a project. It’s a trailing line through time. Everything here is displayed in the form of a chart, and for good reason. This section shows us the perspective of what the performance was like historically and how it has been affected by various influences, like noteworthy events, hitting specific milestones, and general news coverage.
  • Explorer. The section which can tell us all about the influences and events that drive a project forward. These can be small, like individual transactions, and very large, like major news outlets releasing articles, as well as everything in between. If it moves the project in any meaningful way, chances are you’ll find it here.

News Room

How it works

The future

Next up

Get smart

Cheers to the traders

Knowledge is power

“This just in!”

*Over and out*




The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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Sonar Official

Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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