Sonar Platform Beta Phase: All You Need To Know

A reason to build

After the incredible turbulence and uncertainty of 2020 and the launch of some of the most revolutionary projects in the space to date, crypto truly hit its stride in early 2021 exploding into the mainstream.

A simple vision

Design. It’s not just what you see, it’s how you see it, how you feel it, and what happens to you when you’re surrounded by it.

A solid plan

Purpose and vision are great on their own but they’re nothing without a solid plan.

Token Studio

How it works

Thoroughly and effectively researching anything as nuanced and multifaceted as a crypto project, on one’s own, requires a lot of prior preparation, time, and patience, a systemized approach, the ability to multitask, the ability to sift through mountains of irrelevant data in order to find the information that matters and above all the knowledge and experience to know where and how to look for that information.

  • Overview is where we go to understand what a project is all about. With a comprehensive summary of its use case, fundamentals and history, and portals to all of its communities and socials it acts as the jumping-off point for all further research.
  • Highlights deals in the project’s current financial and social state. It’s the part of the application we look to for real-time feedback on everything from essentials like Market Cap, Volume, and Holders, through AI-powered scores on sentiment and price performance, to personal reports on our interactions with the project’s cryptocurrency. Our buys, our sells, profits, losses, current and past positions, and more.
  • Vitals is the pulse of a project. It’s a trailing line through time. Everything here is displayed in the form of a chart, and for good reason. This section shows us the perspective of what the performance was like historically and how it has been affected by various influences, like noteworthy events, hitting specific milestones, and general news coverage.
  • Explorer. The section which can tell us all about the influences and events that drive a project forward. These can be small, like individual transactions, and very large, like major news outlets releasing articles, as well as everything in between. If it moves the project in any meaningful way, chances are you’ll find it here.

News Room

How it works

Upon entering you will be greeted by a written section consisting of a short explanation of the current broader market conditions followed up by AI-generated summaries of the most important news from the day, quickly informing you of key points and saving you time.

The future

We’re so excited to bring you these applications. Two pieces of a much bigger puzzle, that is being meticulously built out to do one thing and one thing only — provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in this brave new world of crypto.

Next up

Right off the bat, the tempo is quick and the updates start rolling.

Get smart

Undoubtedly the biggest and most interesting of the coming updates are the ones related to our proprietary Sentiment Analysis AI algorithms. They will enrich the Token Studio experience in a couple of cool ways.

Cheers to the traders

Sentiment-shmentiment! If “wen lambo?” is the song stuck in your head, allow us to entice you with these features:

Knowledge is power

On the content side, we’ll start adding the first batch of educational Sonar content in the form of project summaries. Content provided by the APIs competitors pull from (and what we currently use as placeholders) just doesn’t make the cut for us. We want to give you more! A lot more. You’ll soon hear us talk thoroughly on how we’ve defined our secret sauce for these elements specifically, striking the perfect balance between simplicity, clarity, and memorability.

“This just in!”

Why is News Room gettin’ no love, tho?

*Over and out*

Thank you for sticking with us! We’re now truly entering another stage in our journey where things will be much more dynamic and lively. As we’ve said before updates will be coming in constantly, but we still want to extend a friendly reminder that this is a beta after all and it’s meant to be a very functional and usable space while still remaining a sandbox for experimentation and learning for us as well as for you, the users.



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