Sonar Integrates the AI Layer

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3 min readDec 11, 2021


In a landmark moment, Sonar is proud to announce the acquisition of the technology and services of AI/NLP experts as they work to expedite the implementation of AI on the Sonar Platform.

The Minds Behind the AI

Meet Raghav and Josh, the newest additions to the ever growing group of developers, innovators, and dreamers who are working tirelessly to bring forth the complete vision of the Sonar Platform. Joining with us several months ago, we have now reached a developmental position to publicly announce their presence!

Raghav has over 4 years of blockchain development experience, with a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Previously, he has founded an AI startup with over 7.5 million active users, and is specialized in bringing AI research to production systems.

Josh has over 10 years of programming experience with expertise in Data Engineering and Web Scraping, as well as over 5 years of blockchain development in production systems.

Combined, the two of them form a powerhouse engineering team who are working along side Sonar to develop the next generation of data analytics tools.

Sonar Platform Beta

At the time of this publishing, AI News Aggregation and Summarization has been integrated into the beta version of the Sonar Platform. The beta will be available for public use on December 28 2021. There will be a minor requirement of 2500 $PING tokens held in your wallet in order to test out and use the beta. The tokens are a not a payment to us, they are held by the user as an access pass.

The first beta features available will be Sonar Charts, Token Studio, and News Room. News Room will feed relevant and up-to-date crypto news, intelligently aggregated then summarized via a proprietary algorithm. News that can affect market prices and trends will be featured, and will also learn your preferences over time. This feature will show a preview glimpse into the AI technology that will drive the asset analytics features of the Sonar Platform. As this is refined in the coming weeks it will serve as an additional revenue stream, packaged as an output API that we may offer media outlets or other clients on a subscription basis.

Originally, the first of the AI features were slated to be delivered in Q2 of 2022 and beyond. However, with Raghav and Josh developing this tech for several months and assisting us to integrate these features, we have been able to substantially move that timeline forward. Social media sentiment, and smart contract safety analysis will follow shortly after in early Q1 of 2022. Additional AI features will be announced and unveiled in the weeks following integration. Advanced machine learning is at the core of the features and will improve themselves over time as they are exposed to more users and datasets.

The time for talk is over, we now begin the most exciting phase of Sonar to date — the revolution of data analytics in crypto!