Resistance Is Futile

  • We speak about managing expectations when it comes to events such as listings, and those still yet to come. While they can be excellent catalysts, it is impossible to predict exactly what the resultant price action will be. The safest way to prepare physically and mentally is to DCA and hold.
  • Being on a top 10 exchange brings greater visibility and validation in the eyes of established investors who are wary of small marketcaps and unlisted projects. It is also a crucial step to a tier 1 exchange listing such as Coinbase or Binance.
  • We are seeing excellent results from various marketing initiatives such as CoinZilla’s ad banner campaign. Our retention rate from ads is 3x higher than the typical industry standard. One in 10 users who visits our site is buying and holding $PING. We have seen a huge uptick in traffic to our website from alone, generating 25K new visits already.
  • We have reached the important milestones of 2K subscribers on YouTube and 10K followers on Twitter.
  • We have hired a new web designer to help with upkeep, and web content to relieve some of Cristiano’s workload. The new web dev will be building an education section which will feature our Blockchain Education series as well as written educational content all in one place. Product specific websites shall also be constructed (charting, platform, wallet, etc).
  • Product branding is currently evolving in scope, more details to come.
  • John, our Chief Security Officer will appear on the next AMA and will provide a unique insight and peek behind the scenes at the development process.
  • Our new developer squad is performing very well and we are working well with them. Making a lot of progress on all fronts. They have helped us identify a potential issue in the bridge contract code which we are currently rectifying.
  • All of us in crypto bear a great responsibility as ambassadors of the space. We are all at the forefront of the greatest financial revolution and economic shift of the last millennia. It is our responsibility to educate our family and friends when and where we can.




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Sonar Official

Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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