Resistance Is Futile

Sonar Official
5 min readSep 17, 2021

— We are the Sonarians, your higher price points shall be assimilated.

An unstoppable juggernaut striving for perfection, devouring all in its path. No, we are not talking about the Borg. $PING continues to break the rules and defy the odds as it continues the steady, upward march against the stream of a red market. Despite BNB suffering big losses over the last week, $PING and the Sonarians have shrugged off the downwards pressure and have pushed to new a new All Time High of $.027c!

With trading now live on, we have seen substantial trading volume since launch and the price remains strong in the Gate ecosystem. Accounting for some minor speedbumps on Gate’s end surrounding the initial listing price, everything was quickly ironed out and Sonarians new and old have enjoyed another smooth launch onto a new platform. will begin their Sonar-centric marketing campaign this week, boasting a budget of $180,000. The 6 million active users of are now being exposed to Sonar and $PING for the first time. Great news for us!

The surprise announcement of a top 10 CEX listing heralded the first of many huge announcements from the Sonar Team over the next several weeks. Before every announcement we caution would-be short term speculators and those who are overly focused on the potential price impact these events may or may not have. We encourage the excitement, as they are exciting developments. However we ask that our community temper their expectations when it comes to price and price predictions. Some wonder, why is listing on a major exchange a good thing at all?

Listing on a CEX is a very important milestone in the life of our project. It has now opened the door and laid the foundation to even bigger and higher-tiered exchanges. Furthermore, it has exposed Sonar to millions of new users who most likely have not heard of us before. Just like with our marketing strategy of gradual total saturation with our brand, these effects take time to be seen. There is a correlation between the time taken for the gradual approach and the quality of holder it attracts. Flash in a pan tactics tend to bring short term speculators who are gone as quickly as they appear. Saturating the market with the Sonar brand and our message in the proper way tends to bring those who would bring value to the community, hold for long periods of time, and tell their family and friends about us. So we say again to you, patience. The best effects are still taking hold.

We are not building a little fort made of sticks that will blow away at the first gust of a strong wind. We are building a castle which is designed to endure the ages. With each layer we must diligently and methodically lay each brick precisely where it goes. Much bricklaying and work must go into the construction of each individual floor and layer before it can be seen and used. Eventually, a towering spire will appear which attracts every eye in the land. The quick and shoddy construction of sticks will have been washed away by the tide and scattered long before then. Will you choose the home that will wash away in days? Or will you choose the castle which will last not only for you, but your children, and the generations still to come? This is our ethos, this is our approach and our strategy in which we build. Our sights are set on decades, not just until the next fleeting “wen”. So dear Sonarians, we ask for your continued patience as we build this towering castle that we all can live in. When it is complete and the full form is in view — it shall not disappoint.

Founders AMA

  • We speak about managing expectations when it comes to events such as listings, and those still yet to come. While they can be excellent catalysts, it is impossible to predict exactly what the resultant price action will be. The safest way to prepare physically and mentally is to DCA and hold.
  • Being on a top 10 exchange brings greater visibility and validation in the eyes of established investors who are wary of small marketcaps and unlisted projects. It is also a crucial step to a tier 1 exchange listing such as Coinbase or Binance.
  • We are seeing excellent results from various marketing initiatives such as CoinZilla’s ad banner campaign. Our retention rate from ads is 3x higher than the typical industry standard. One in 10 users who visits our site is buying and holding $PING. We have seen a huge uptick in traffic to our website from alone, generating 25K new visits already.
  • We have reached the important milestones of 2K subscribers on YouTube and 10K followers on Twitter.
  • We have hired a new web designer to help with upkeep, and web content to relieve some of Cristiano’s workload. The new web dev will be building an education section which will feature our Blockchain Education series as well as written educational content all in one place. Product specific websites shall also be constructed (charting, platform, wallet, etc).
  • Product branding is currently evolving in scope, more details to come.
  • John, our Chief Security Officer will appear on the next AMA and will provide a unique insight and peek behind the scenes at the development process.
  • Our new developer squad is performing very well and we are working well with them. Making a lot of progress on all fronts. They have helped us identify a potential issue in the bridge contract code which we are currently rectifying.
  • All of us in crypto bear a great responsibility as ambassadors of the space. We are all at the forefront of the greatest financial revolution and economic shift of the last millennia. It is our responsibility to educate our family and friends when and where we can.

One big announcement down, several more to go! The team is even more excited for our next upcoming announcement on 9/20. Please join us as we check off another massively important milestone of our journey together. Stay frosty Sonarians!

-The Sonar Team