Refuel your Wallet at Sonar Gas Station

Sonar Official
2 min readFeb 21, 2024


We have all been there –ready to execute a trade or a transaction and you realise you have run out of gas. Right now you have two main options:

  1. Send, swap, and resend funds to and from a centralised exchange, where you are stuck with high withdrawal minimums and transaction fees as well as the enforced interaction with centralised exchanges
  2. Use DeFi bridges and relays, which can take 20 minutes to execute and costly fees therein involved

In short, current options are disruptive to the process and forces users to abandon their trade to wait for gas.

Why use Gas Station

Gas Station is a service that specializes in providing seamless gas replenishment for crypto users. It is another step towards “DeFi Made Easy”

Through various modes of transfer, Gas Station simplifies your experience of providing gas to your wallets on a multitude of chains with an emphasis on frictionless UX, security, and processing time.

What do we mean by frictionless UX? Users receive their gas on their desired chain with the least amount of clicks, time, and effort through a direct swap.

Ultimately, Gas Station allows you to acquire gas on the chain you need in under 15 seconds and with the cheapest fees on the market.

How does it work?

In a few easy steps:

Go to

  1. Click on Gas Station on the left navigation bar
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Choose whether to “Gas Swap” or “Stable to Gas”
  4. Type in your desired amount of USD worth of gas and select your desired chain
  5. Click Sign & Submit
  6. Confirm the transaction with your DeFi Wallet
  7. Receive the Gas in your wallet

“Gas Swap” means you swap one chain´s gas to another (e.g. BNB on BSC chain to ETH on Ethereum chain)

“Stable to Gas” means you swap your stablecoin on one chain to gas fees on another chain


Gas Station is a permissioned system with little room for security concerns, and has been audited by 3 independent parties.

Only Gas Station-controlled relayers are able to initiate incoming token transfers or outgoing gas transfers.

You can access the open sourced smart contract here:

You can access the security audits here:

What this means for Sonar

The integration of the Gas Station aligns perfectly with a core philosophy of Sonar: composability. At its foundation, Sonar is powered by our in-house tools. data indexing, and our native token PING. However, Sonar will always search for and integrate the best tools available for our current and future users. With each integration, Sonar continues to deepen the meaning and reality of the world where DeFi is made easy.

Stay Gassy!