Promoting Your Brand In Sonar Studio

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4 min readNov 23, 2022

To advertise on Sonar is to give your brand priority and space — the room to breathe and be appreciated by our users instead of fighting with competitors on an overly populated page.

Your banner will become a clear, continuous reminder of who sponsors the tool our users love to use daily. By keeping their field of vision clear from distractions, your brand gets to stand out without getting in the way, immediately beginning to build recognition and respect within our community.

Our partners are also our users’ partners. You will be accompanying them for an agreed-upon time on their important journey toward financial freedom with many opportunities to help and teach them along the way.

Trust and a personal connection with your brand can be built up over time, and crystallise through additional native promotions on one or more of Sonar Studio’s applications.

News stories about your victories in the Newsroom and custom-tailored educational content showcasing your endeavors in our Academy, giving you permanent visibility on our platform for years to come, are just some of the options at your disposal.

The simple truth about working with us is that you will be entering a space where quality trumps quantity, every time. We believe deep, and long-lasting connections can be built with the right users, through deliberate and thoughtful ad and content placement. Adhering to these values is how we built our own brand, the platform you’ll be advertising on, and the community that makes everything possible.

Classic Sponsoring


An exclusive placement that does not battle with other brands for the user’s attention.

New impressions are created only with a new pageload so that each has a longer lifecycle.

It’s responsive and adapts to every format for the cleanest presentation of the brand. (check the graphics guideline at the bottom)

Snack Banners

Discrete but clear, the omnipresent snack banners are displayed at the top of every page.

The short message is expanded on hover and presents additional info when hovered/tapped.

It’s responsive and adapts to every format for the cleanest presentation of the brand.

Native promotion opportunities

Academy article

Our team will write an in-depth article about your project that will live in our Academy permanently.

Define with our editors and writers where to put the spotlight on the most important aspects of your project.

In addition:

  • Posts on Sonar social media channels (at launch + 1 month later)
  • Inclusion in monthly newsletter

Newsroom Featuring

Feature and highlight the most important news about your project on Newsroom and our socials.

The newsroom content pool will feature any post from your project’s blog/medium, and 2 additional custom articles from any source each month.

All your articles are highlighted and positioned at the top of Newsroom’s article pool

In addition:

  • Articles about your project are shared via Sonar’s social media channels
  • In case your project has a token, all news goes to enrich the news section in Token Studio

How to Apply

Please fill up this form.

Technical Requirements

There’s a single rule to follow in order to optimise the readability and formatting of your placement it’s important to follow a single, to place any crucial piece of graphic inside the “safe zone”.

The safe zone is 248px wide, which is the minimum size visualised at the smallest display resolution. All banners adapt only horizontally.

Media Assets Specs

Format: JPG or PNG
Dimensions: 400x108 @1x / @2x / @3x