An overview of Sonar 2021 and a glimpse of 2022 — A message from the CEO

Jacob Camilleri, Sonar CEO

Only dreamers change the world. Something I believe in wholeheartedly and I may have repeated many times to our community. Sonar was born in June 2021, created by dreamers. But, dreams are not enough. Dreams can only become reality when they are supported by hard work, sacrifice, and immeasurable resilience. So here we are, 6 months after launch, on the last day of 2021.

As I look back on a turbulent year, full of extreme highs and the lowest of lows, I am proud of our team, our community and our progress. The crypto world is the harshest space for businesses to flourish, yet the most rewarding when successful. Sonar was built from the ground up, with a relatively small initial investment that each member of the team afforded to risk. It was a dream we wanted to make a reality and we wanted to build it with the people. No early VC funding was sought. We wanted our community to be the first investors in a potentially groundbreaking ecosystem. The odds were always stacked against us but here we are against all odds, with a core team of over 70 people and 30,000 holders working together towards a year of massive potential growth.

What has Sonar been doing all these months? First of all it has to be said that finding top quality employees was very difficult at the beginning. Being a newly-launched BSC project, the odds are stacked against you from the start. In this challenging space, rife with fraud and a wild west attitude, potential investors and employees are hard to come by. Hence, our first effort (step 1) was to create a revolutionary style of community engagement. A non-toxic, inclusive, warm and educative community environment which is sorely lacking in this space — and which would help us build our initial core of investors. A core that will help us for years to come to manage, educate and welcome new members as we slowly enter into the mass adoption phase. I am proud to say that this initial phase of community work has been a massive success and has allowed us to seamlessly move deep into step 2 — the development phase.

As our community started to grow and Sonar became known, we started to receive endless job applications from very high quality developers, and during the past 3 months we have started to welcome new members to our team which have given us a massive leg up in efficiency and quality. As the Sonar team grows, a lot of backend development work has and is being prepared, leading up to the 2022 roadmap which shall be shared with the community very soon. The SonarBETA is only a first taste and a foundation of the suite of tools that we will provide. Moving into 2022, the development team has already begun updating, uploading and inserting all the features we have already developed on the backend side. A massive testing group of 30,000 + holders shall together pool their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and requests to create the groundbreaking ecosystem that was just a dream a mere 6 months ago.

But enough about development, what else awaits us in 2022? The biggest and most awaited step is our incorporation. We are approaching the end of the first phase: the creation of the company itself which is expected sometime in January. In the meantime, the Sonar team has employed a new security and compliance officer whose role is to ensure and enforce security across the board, and also guide us through the systems audit which will allow us to register the whitepaper with the MFSA. This will allow us to be a leader in safety and security and expedite our way into Tier 1 exchange listings, as it is the final critical piece. More importantly, the registration of the whitepaper and the auditing is intended at making the company compliant with MiCA. MiCA is a set of EU cryptocurrency financial regulations coming up within the next 2 years, and which shall render non-compliant businesses as illegal. As we always said, we want to be ahead of regulation. It is of the utmost importance that this legal groundwork is prepared so as to ensure a prosperous and lawful future.

This year we will also enter into the crux of our massive collaborations being built. Collaborations with Chainlink, Polygon, NEAR Protocol and other undisclosed mega businesses shall culminate into a holistic expression of the investment vehicles we have been keeping under wraps for very long, as well as integrated with the Sonar Platform and wallet. This all boils down for a massive marketing push and mass adoption of the Sonar Ecosystem. The team is also concurrently holding talks for possible VC funding which, if successful, shall be a massive boost to our development as well as the marketing plans mentioned below.

We have signed an agreement with a media outlet to hold interviews at Bloomberg, Newsmax and Fox Business. We are currently preparing a professional social media marketing campaign, several press releases and articles in major news and media outlets, YouTube influencer promotions, and much more which we cannot disclose yet due to NDA agreements. Most of our biggest marketing agreements depend on the finalization of the first phase of incorporation and hence why that is still the priority within the next few weeks.

The time for talk is over, the time for action has begun. Months have been spent building the foundations of the company. Foundations that will keep Sonar standing in the hardest of times, foundations that will keep Sonar afloat when the bears threaten the crypto world. Foundations that may keep the all the land of Sonaria afloat when the wild west world turns to ashes. Foundations that can sustain an entire ecosystem when prosperous times are with us

All of this is only possible thanks to you all, our dear community. A community which we have come to love and respect as friends and family. A community that has supported us even in the hardest of times and that has created the warm friendly atmosphere we all wished for.

You are the closest to my heart, the first Sonarians. I thank you and love you all and let us welcome 2022. But most of all remember…

Only dreamers change the world. Dare to dream.

From your friendly neighborhood CEO,




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