Navigating New Horizons: Sonar Studio’s 0.5 Update

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5 min readJan 31, 2024


After months of dedicated development and fine-tuning, we’re thrilled to publish the Sonar Studio 0.5 update — perfectly timed for our upcoming ICO on Arbitrum. This not just a step forward; it’s a giant leap in enhancing your DeFi trading experience in Studio.

The new version brings about our brand new custom design system, which is much more than just aesthetics; It’s a thoughtful approach to making your trading experience as clear and intuitive as possible, bringing a cohesive look and feel to Studio and beyond.

Under the hood, we’ve given our backend a complete overhaul. While these enhancements might not be immediately seen from the surface, they can be felt in a much smoother and faster experience. From optimized indexing logic to streamlined API structures, these changes are all about efficiency and performance.

Introducing SonarSwap

The introduction of SonarSwap marks a significant milestone for Sonar Studio, providing a more complete and seamless trading environment.

After thorough evaluation and testing, we’re proud to have selected Li.Fi as partner to bring secure, fast, cross-chain trade execution to our ecosystem’s users. Like Sonar, they are multi-chain by nature and share our same mission of aggregating multiple ecosystems to simplify DeFi users’ life.

With SonarSwap, you can finally gain access to advanced features such as DEX/Chain aggregation for best rate discovery, efficient cross-chain swaps, and the ability to bridge tokens across various chains.

One more thing…

For our cherished PING holders, SonarSwap also brings an exclusive perk — the introduction of the first utility for our token through discounted fees.

The standard fee sits at 0.45%, yet PING holders are rewarded with a 30% reduction to 0.35%. And for those navigating the waves with over 20m PING? You’re looking at nearly a 50% discount, lowering your fee to just 0.25%.

Keep in mind, this tiered structure is set to evolve with the upcoming Arbitrum TGE, promising even more tailored benefits.

Tokens and Charts

The neatest crypto trading terminal around 😎 enjoyed the deepest UX review, with many quality-of-life improvements enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

Key links for any project are now more readily accessible, having been brought to the forefront from their previous positions within modals. Similarly, contract addresses, once a bit tucked away, are now more prominently placed for easier access.

Diving into the chart section, we’ve made some significant changes based on how you, our users, interact with the platform. After noticing that over 90% of our users preferred a more detailed approach over simplified charts, we’ve shifted gears. Now, we’re bringing you the best-in-class TradingView charts as the default option. This change, bolstered by our partnership with TradingView, ensures that you’re getting top-notch charting tools right from the start.

For our expert users, the enhancements don’t stop there. The pair switcher has been fine-tuned for a smoother experience, and the addition of a Pair contract address copy button is sure to be a welcome feature.

Finally, let’s talk about the transactions table. It’s received a lot of attention in this update, being meticulously optimized for easier scanning and improved readability.

We understand that details matter, and we believe these refinements will make your trading experience even more seamless.

Revamped Search Functionality

Smooth sailing is key in trading, and that’s why the new search has been completely reimagined in Sonar Studio 0.5.

It now fully supports intuitive keyboard-only navigation, making it not only more accessible but also significantly more efficient.

We’ve streamlined the chain filter, focusing on helping you find the right context with minimal effort.

The search tool now also provides more detailed information to assist you in identifying the tokens you’re after — thanks to the inclusion of contract addresses and pool’s liquidity amounts.

Pro tip: You can now access the search function directly by clicking on the token name in the ‘Tokens’ section.

Quickly Scan the Market Highlights

Within our Newsroom, we’ve redesigned the market highlights section, making it not just informative but also incredibly easy to scan at a glance.

We understand that in the fast-paced world of crypto trading, time is of the essence. By streamlining this section, we enable you to quickly grasp market trends and key information without getting lost in the details.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the possibilities this new design opens up. We’re gearing up to introduce customization options, allowing you to tailor the market highlights section to your preferences. Imagine being able to show or hide specific values and sort information according to your priorities. This level of personalization means that the insights you care about most are always front and center.

We’re eager to hear from you about the metrics you’d like to see featured here. Join the conversation in our official Telegram group!

We invite you to explore the new features and improvements in Sonar Studio’s 0.5 update.

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