Monthly Progress Update: September 2022

Deep development continues Sonarians. Soon, we will announce a launch date for the much anticipated 0.3 Major Update.

What happened this last month? See below:

Marketing & Exposure

  • Creation of “Road to Studio” social media campaign. Campaign will be revealed in October and feature a countdown to launch of Sonar Studio 0.3.
  • Preparation and email collection for Sonar Newsletter. Integration of GDPR compliant portal with website and app front-end. Creation of first edition content. First edition will launch in the first week of October.
  • Draft of 0.3 global press release campaign.
  • Formation of sales team for Sonar advertising products and creation of feature packages.

Product & Development

  • Dapp connection testing (Wallet), proof-of-concept integration for Ref finance (Near Protocol DEX).
  • Real-time transaction indexing benchmarks met and surpassed, prepared for production.
  • New design and proof-of-concept for “Newsroom: Stories” feature. Slated to be released post 0.3.
  • Optimization of transaction table design for Token Studio, launching with 0.3.
  • SEO optimizations for Academy and Newsroom.
  • Migrated current back-end to new servers and domain.

Blockchain Education



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