Monthly Progress Update: November 2022

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3 min readDec 2, 2022

Release of Sonar Studio 0.3.1

A smaller optimization and update follow-up to Octobers big 0.3 release. Check out the full changelog HERE.

Iwan Spillebeen promoted to Sonar Chairman of the Board of Directors.

As Chairman of the Board, Iwan spearheads Sonar’s business development and funding acquisition strategies. We are fortunate and honored to have such a warm and experienced individual in the core of our organization. Visit Iwan’s LinkedIn to see the vast experience he brings to the board with Sonar.

Expansion of the Sonar Academy Glossary and accompanying Twitter thread

A fresh batch of terms has been added to the Glossary at the Academy! More terms will be added on a regular basis and chronicled in a Twitter thread HERE.

Ethereum Node is now LIVE

We have upgraded the speed and accuracy of data indexing on the Ethereum chain thanks to the activation of our very own Node! This makes Sonar one of the fastest and most accurate sources of blockchain data on the market thanks to our proprietary indexing solution, powered by our own nodes. Additional supported blockchains will continue to be added in subsequent updates.

Regulatory Compliance Update

The crypto regulatory landscape continues to evolve. In recent legislative proceedings, it has been decided that new MiCA regulations will be finalized in Q1 of 2023. According to the coming regulatory framework, Sonar is nearly completely compliant with the new laws due to the groundwork that has been laid so far.

The new regulations mean that the previous registration procedure will become redundant as the new MICA registration requirements are to be recognized as the new law to follow.

With this news, our legal council expects Sonar to be fully registered soon after the implentation of the new laws. Being a fully registered crypto based business in the EU will open many new doors for Sonar and mark the beginning of a new phase. Exciting stuff!

Initiation of Instagram Education campaign

As a way of expanding our social presence and drawing new users to our Academy educational content, we began a new campaign on Instagram. In this new campaign, Academy articles are summarized and distilled into a short post form for easy sharing! Don’t forget to like and share with your friends.