Monthly Progress Update: May 2023

Sonar Official
2 min readJun 6


MiCA Laws and Sonar’s Readiness Article

The MiCA vote finally happened! Sonar Chairman, Iwan Spillebeen wrote an article explaning the details of the forthcoming regulations and its relation to Sonar. See the article HERE.

Trends Sneak Peek

Another sneak peek of the upcoming “Trends” feature that will ship in Studio v. 0.4. Easily save and access your preferred ranking and filtering templates, and start creating YOUR personal Studio experience with this feature.

Sonar Wallet Update

The Sonar Wallet Alpha received a new version update.

This release brings bug fixes, improved performance, and an expanded selection of chains for internal swaps. Plus, we’re excited to integrate Ref Finance for seamless NEAR Protocol swaps. Explore the additional chain support, including ETH, BNB, Polygon, NEAR, Aurora, AVAX, and Fantom.

If you’re one of our Wallet Alpha Testers, remember to update your wallet on the Chrome Store to enjoy these exciting enhancements. If you aren’t yet subscribed to be a tester, you can sign up HERE.

Strategy and Vision Update, Part 2

Sonar CIO Cristiano dropped the second part of the complete Strategy and Vision update for the months to come. This article explores in detail the expanded design and vision of where the Sonar ecosystem is headed and what we are working to achieve. A must read! See the article HERE.

Academy Articles

The Sonar Ecosystem

Discover Sonar, an all-in-one ecosystem revolutionizing Web3. Explore Sonar Studio, Newsroom, Academy, Trends, Flow, Wallet, and Portal. Simplify crypto navigation and drive mass adoption with a user-friendly interface.

Understand Fundamental Analysis

New to crypto analysis? The importance of fundamental analysis can’t be overstated. With real-world examples, discover the questions and research you need.