Monthly Progress Update: May 2022

  • We released our Public version of our Pitch Deck, while not as in-depth as our investor Deck, it offers a view into our long term vision, market strategy and positioning, products under development, and potential revenue streams. Check it out HERE.
  • Successfully launched our PING claim PORTAL.
  • The Sonar Wallet is nearing the end of the Alpha testing state and the browser version will soon be in Beta and slated for a public release in the coming weeks. Currently, the wallet supports BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon networks as well as token swaps. Near Protocol is currently in progress of being integrated for full functionality with the network. Other than the official Near wallet, Sonar Wallet will be one of the few DeFi wallets on the market that supports the blockchain. While a great first step, the integration will mark only the first of many collaborations between Sonar and Near Protocol. More details to come on this in the very Near future.
  • Sonar Academy Beta nears completion and imminent release. The Academy Beta will release with the first version of the UI, 20+ articles, educational videos, and other content. It will be an ever growing library of information and eventually will comprehensively include every topic relevant to blockchain and crypto. Sonar Academy will be a community hub, and eventually feature ecosystem incentives such as badges and NFT’s to interact with the content.
  • Updated Sonar Telegram Pricing Bot. A competitive offering to other comparable products on the market but with some unique Sonar twists.
  • Last, but certainly not least is the progress made on the upcoming Platform 0.3 release. Tentative release target is on or near our 1 year birthday on June 18th 2022. As final adjustments and preparations are made, we may adjust the release timeline forward or back as needed. 0.3 will feature a complete Token Studio redesign and an overhaul to the entire ecosystem. The first version of our Blockchain Data Indexing Solution is also in an advanced testing stage and will soon be integrated in the Platform. Like the other Sonar ecosystem offerings, the initial release of the indexing solution will be continually upgraded and improved. Sonar will be positioned to offer a strong B2B service and API endpoint for this valuable and accurate blockchain data. Currently we are performing competitor analysis, commercial facing research, and designing of the revenue stream it will offer the company.



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