Monthly Progress Update: March 2023

Founder’s AMA

Sonar | $PING
2 min readApr 7, 2023
  • Whitelisted Sonarian’s are getting access to Wallet Alpha.
  • New Wallet features including:
    - Social recovery and login (keyless management)
    - Custom gas management (protocols will pay gas for you in advance / alternate gas payment tokens such as USDT)
    - Session keys (web3 gaming)
    - Multifactor validation (xFA)
    - ERC-4337 support
  • Sonar Studio v 0.4 will feature the upcoming “Trends” app.
  • Following v 0.4, the next major update will be version 1.0!
  • Version 1.0 will include:
    - New navigation
    - Modularization (sort, hide, share)
    - Multi-Chain swap
    - User Profiles (customization, watchlists, collections)
  • Introducing “codenames” for new version updates. A voting proposal for different names will soon be live on
  • Sonar Blockchain Indexing API endpoint is nearly live.
  • New Sonar merch store is now open! Please visit to see our selection of swag!
  • Funding status: Everything is on track. We are in advanced talks with several parties and their LP’s. We are speaking to a variety of potential partners including additional developers or other completed tech for acquisition.

Sonar Wallet verified on the Google Chrome Webstore

Sonar Wallet is verified! Whitelisted members will soon be able to access the latest Alpha version of the Sonar Wallet.

New Sonar Merch Store

Take a look at our new merch store HERE.

Polygon Node live

Another blockchain has been added to Sonar Studio! We continue our mission to index and support all major blockchains.

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