Monthly Progress Update: June 2022

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3 min readJun 30, 2022


A roundup of June

Another big month under our belt Sonarians. Maybe a bit quiet on the surface, but what has been going on behind the scenes? Let’s dive in and take a look!

Sonar Wallet Alpha

  • Swap feature fully implemented.
  • Live in-wallet purchases of PING have been successfully executed.
  • Cross-chain capabilities of Near Protocol and Solana integrated in latest build.
  • Will offer wallet addresses for multiple chains under a single seedphrase.
  • Wallet import implemented.
  • Will offer full support of BSC NFT’s.
  • UI has been integrated with the backend.

Sonar Studio Redesign

  • Full redesign and rebrand of Sonar Platform as Sonar Studio. Sonar Studio will now refer to the central analytics interface that contains Token Studio, News Room, Sentiment Analysis, and the other tabs to be added in future updates.
  • Token Studio has gotten a total layout and design overhaul. Changes include but are not limited to: new scrollbars, new theme colors and icons, new placement of buttons, cleanup and restructure of the Highlight/Intelligence/Holdings rail. Setup is now simplified for a more intuitive experience and to better feature the individual metrics. This update will ship as version 0.3 — Major Update.
  • Massive performance and speed upgrades across the board. Charting is now powered by Sonar Blockchain Indexing (SBI). Data retrieval times are up to 5–20x faster than before.
  • Charting design has been further customized and overhauled with Trading View as a toggle option.
  • Check out this teaser video and images of the new Sonar Studio below!

Sonar Blockchain Indexing

  • v1 is nearly complete and will be integrated and shipped with Sonar Studio v0.3.
  • Will provide massive performance upgrades to Sonar Studio with blazing fast data retrieval speeds.
  • Later versions will be offered on a B2B basis as an API endpoint.
  • Full article with technical details of the SBI will release at launch.

Sonar Genesis NFTs

  • Collection successfully launched on June 28 and sold out within 24 hours! See the portal HERE.
  • Listed and verified as an official collection on TofuNFT. Display and trade your SGE NFT’s with the world!
  • NFT LitePaper with full details about the tiers and utility HERE.

Sonar Blockchain Education

One Year Anniversary and AMA

Sonar and Sonarian’s turned 1 year old together! And what a year it has been! We held a special Anniversary Edition AMA. The summary can be found HERE.

Watch the full video below:

Wow! Halfway through 2022 and things are looking great for Sonar despite a red market. Builders continue to build!



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