Monthly Progress Update: July 2022

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3 min readAug 3, 2022


Another month of heavy development under our belts. Let’s take a look back at it all!

Sonar SGEN NFT Telegram channel launched

  • Members of the group will have access to early product testing starting with the Sonar Wallet BETA, token reward pool voting and exclusive giveaways.
  • Special place to discuss and trade the Genesis NFT’s.
  • Verify NFT Ownership by connecting your wallet HERE.
  • NFT’s available to buy HERE.

Sonar Wallet Revealed

Compatible chains on Sonar Wallet

The Sonar Wallet will support all EVM chains in Beta, as well as Solana and Near. Additional chain support will be added in subsequent updates!

See the corresponding article HERE.

Who is excited for this?

Sonar Academy Preview

As update 0.3 is coming soon, we have given a preview and overview of the Academy. See the full article HERE.

0.3 Sneak Peek

A little preview at the upcoming 0.3 Major Release featuring a full redesign of Sonar Studio, The Academy, and Blockchain Indexing!

Wen update?? Soon! (We can’t wait either)

New Additions to the Team

Viktor’s LinkedIn

Felix’s LinkedIn

Website and Roadmap Update

See the new roadmap HERE

Roadmap is subject to change as development is a dynamic environment. The latest changes best reflect our current progress and future projections for completion.

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