Monthly Progress Update: January 2023

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3 min readFeb 7, 2023


New partnership announcement

We started off the month by announcing our partnership with Applicature / Mempool Ventures! Applicature is a blockchain and crypto focused accelerator. When partnering with projects such as Sonar, they provide key strategic support in development, funding, marketing, and relationship development. Our partnership with Applicature marks a huge and significant milestone for Sonar as we connect more deeply with movers and shakers in the blockchain space.

Sonar Studio Update

Sonar Studio v. 0.3.3 was released! See the changelog HERE for all the updates this time around.

Mike Podcast Episode

Listen to this special edition podcast episode on Spotify featuring Sonar’s CFO Michael Wood, and hosted by Sonar’s legal representative Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera. Mike breaks down the in’s and out’s of ethical investing when it comes to blockchain projects and funding rounds in general. Money is more than just funding, it’s an intention and an establishment of the industry framework. If VC’s and Projects can work together to realize shared visions, great things are possible. Sonar remains highly focused in this area of innovation!

Official Twitter Account

Adding to our online presence Sonar has secured a Blue Checkmark verification for our Official Twitter account. We are legit baby!

Sonar Wallet NFT support sneak peak

This month we released our Sonar Wallet NFT support sneak peak! Click the link above for the full thread and teaser video!

First DAO voting proposal

Sonar held it’s first decentralized DAO community voting proposal! See the article explaining the purpose of the vote HERE. The vote was successfully concluded and a final design was chosen by PING token holders! The winner was Geometric Delights as seen below:

Academy New Articles

Lastly, we published some new Sonar Academy articles as seen below:

Quite a packed January, and looking forward to more exciting developments in February!