Monthly Progress Update: August 2022

Founder’s AMA

We held one of our best AMA’s to date! Check out the video below, and read the summary HERE.

Growth update: Iwan Spillebeen, Strategic Advisor and Sonar Chairman

We announced the presence of Iwan on the team! Iwan has been working with us for the past several months. He has helped us form our business plan, VC investment strategy, pitch deck and investor pitch. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for Sonar. He has been an incredible asset and his huge depth of experience is preparing us for the next big leap in our growth. See his LinkedIn HERE.

0.3 Progress and Development

We are hard at work completing the major update, and an expected release date will be announced in the coming days. The updates that we can release this month are sparse, but it only underlines the deep development we are currently in the midst of. Buttoning up the front-end, testing of the Blockchain Indexing, finalizing of Academy content and dozens of other items are being checked off of our list in preparation for release.

0.3 will be the foundation that everything else is built upon, and represent the beginning of a new chapter of Sonar. We are very excited to share what we have been working on and we thank everyone for their patience as we continue to build during the bear market.

Illo collaboration

We showed a preview of 1 of the 5 educational short videos we have created in partnership with Illo! These videos will be a part of our Academy and serve as a clever and polished way to explain blockchain basics to newcomers. Easy to watch and share, we are very happy with these. Illo is world renowned and has worked with the likes of Google, Bloomberg, and Dropbox to name a few.

Social media strategy revamp

In the AMA we presented some of our new and improved social media strategy and content slides. We have some talented individuals working with us to help re-invent our social media presence in preparation for the 0.3 update and beyond. Some of our new content includes Newsroom round-ups of the weeks hottest stories that were featured in the the Sonar Newsroom.

Some words from the CEO

Lastly, we re-shared an article written by Sonar CEO, Jacob Camilleri in December of last year. The vision laid out in the article is a good reminder to all of what we are working to achieve together. If you missed it the first couple times around, we invite you to take a look HERE.



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