Monthly Progress Update: April 2023

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3 min readMay 8, 2023


Ecosystem naming voting proposal

We held a DAO community proposal to decide the theme of our version update codenames. Sonarians, you chose Nautical. Future updates to Sonar Studio will feature release names such as Barracuda, Oberon, Typhoon, Seawolf, Virginia… and more!

Wallet Alpha 0.2 waitlist invites

Two batches of invites have gone out to the email addresses of those that signed up for the Alpha Wallet testing waitlist! If you didn’t get in this time, you can sign up HERE to be invited for future testing rounds. Additionally, we held a surprise $PING airdrop for 3 lucky waitlisters. Congratulations to the winners!

Illo video series

We have released two more videos from our collaboration with Illo! See them both below:


Academy article


Vision and Strategy update article

Sonar CIO Cristiano lays out in article the broad vision and direction of the Sonar Ecosystem. This is a must read! See the article below:


Sonar Studio 0.4 preview announcement

It’s almost time to release Sonar Studio v 0.4! Here are some of the new features and additions to expect in the coming update:

  • New app: “Trends”
  • Watchlist
  • UI update: going modular!

Introducing “Trends”: a game-changer to help you spot the best new opportunities.

  • Unique ranking criteria including social media metrics and sentiment
  • Sonar’s trademark superior UI/UX

Introducing Watchlist:

  • Customize your experience and fly through your tokens’ analytics

We’re proud to announce that after version 0.4, Studio will take the big leap to Sonar Studio 1.0!

Competitive matrix

Lastly, Cristiano shared a slide from our pitch deck which shows a comparison between Sonar and other DeFi tools in the space.