Introducing the Sonar Founders NFT Genesis Series & June 18 Anniversary AMA Recap

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we come bearing non-fungible goodies…

Has it really been a year? It is said a week in crypto feels like an eternity, yet the past year has flown by as a blur. We have deployed a cross chain bridge to Ethereum, launched the Beta version of the Sonar Platform, and introduced some of the first AI features in successive updates. Our team continues to work continuously to bring the vision of Sonar to life, and many more major milestones approach the time of imminent release. So, what is around the corner?

NFT Information

Proposed NFT Utility

The NFT’s will hold significant and multifold utility within the Sonar ecosystem. Some utility will be complete at launch and others will be integrated into the ecosystem over time. The planned utility will include, but not limited to:

Below are a few previews of what the NFT’s will look like:

Director of Education, Elias
Chief Fintech Officer, Michael
Chief Innovation Officer, Cristiano

To mint an NFT, the user will connect their wallet to our NFT minting portal shown here:

Connect, click mint, and the mint fee will be deducted from you wallet and the NFT delivered instantly!

Passive rewards will be available from a special claim portal shown here:

NFT staking rewards claim

Special AMA Recap

Thank you for joining us for our 1 year anniversary celebration! To many more years ahead Sonarians!

-The Sonar Team



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