Founders AMA Recap : May 18th 2022

  • (18:39) NFT’s are nearing completion. Designs have been finished, layout, rares, and all details are finalized. When one final component is solved we are ready for launch.
  • (20:05) Academy is coming along nicely. Brought on some illustrators to add custom art to our Academy content.
  • (21:00) Upcoming “light” update: More stable wallet connection. News section will have content sources, official blog link to project in Token Studio. A “how/where to stake” button has been added to relevant major tokens in Token studio. It will provide information and links of where you can stake the selected token.
  • (24:50) Next major release, 0.3, is targeted (close to) Sonar’s birthday on June 18th. Final release date is variable, but this is our current projected target. It will include the first version of the Academy and will ship with 20+ articles. It will also include a complete re-design of Token Studio, as well as a proprietary Telegram pricing bot. The pricing bot will act as an important user acquisition channel.
  • (27:30) There will soon be an article explaining in detail all the different use cases of the PING token in the Sonar ecosystem.
  • (29:17) Our target for the next major upgrade (0.3) will likely include the first version of our blockchain indexing solution.
  • (32:00) We are working with a professional business planner in order to refine our long term business plan and present Sonar to potential VC investors. We feel confident that the value that we are building behind the PING token is a viable strategy to long term strength, especially in a bear market.
  • (40:00) With the recent dramatic events over the collapse of a prominent stable coin, it is another signal that regulations may be coming soon. Sonar has been preparing for such an inevitability for many months now and is far advanced in the process.
  • (42:46) Question: “Will Sonar have a similar use case to The Graph or work directly with the project?”. We will not be a direct competitor to The Graph, and instead have a focus on analytics, portfolio, and trading tools.
  • (45:00) Once all the base infrastructure is in place, Sonar will provide an SDK toolkit for other developers to launch apps on Sonar’s ecosystem or just in the platform dAPP Store. PING will be the currency of this ecosystem.
  • (53:40) Building the value and demand behind the PING token is at the forefront of our efforts in everything under development. As the value of the project increases, so do the incentives to hold the token.
  • (54:00) PING will be exchanged in B2B uses, payment for services on a pay for use basis, as well as platform user tier levels.
  • (1:02:00) Question: “Will you have a way for users to act as information validators, verify and submit project info?” Answer: Yes this is heavily in planning and consideration. The economic flywheel has been worked out, as well as some details about a proposed process. The goal is for the platform to operate in a decentralized manner with users self-reporting information.
  • (1:07:00) The Sonar ecosystem is being designed with the future in mind, and with the likelihood that the space will continue to evolve and change over time. Therefore the designs and plans are flexible in order to accommodate that change.



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