Founders AMA: March 2, 2022

  • (2:00) Marketing is increasing. We have started the next wave with a barrage of press releases.
  • (3:00) Cristiano is hard at work on the coming update which will be our next AI feature — Social Sentiment. Our marketing is focused on promoting this upcoming feature.
Preview of the upcoming Sentiment Lab tab on the Platform.
  • (6:00) Eagle-eyed Sonarians have DYOR’d and have found that our holding company is now listed on the Malta Business Registry! We await to hear that our trading company has been accepted as well. Initially, we intended to wait until both were complete before announcing. However, due to high interest from the community — we are confirming that yes, this is us.
Resonance Labs Holdings — Active
  • (6:45) Michael and Cristiano are putting the final touches on our Pitch Deck so that we are prepared to approach VC opportunities as soon as our incorporation of the trading company is complete. Major marketing opportunities also wait on this event to complete.
  • (7:45) We are adjusting some roadmap items, moving some targets back and some forward.
  • (9:15) First week of April we will be launching the Sonar Genesis NFT series. Will be a limited release of 250 total. There will be a staking opportunity with the NFT’s. Some will be more rare than others, and feature various editions based off of the Sonar Founders. One mint per wallet, and the wallet must have PING in order to mint.
  • (30:00) Mike talks about our Pitch Deck. We are preparing for future rounds of investment in our growing business and tech development.
  • (34:00) Eli mentions he is about to start a community engagement crypto/chess game. Participants play chess and discuss crypto with Eli.
  • (37:00) Ryan speaks about the most recent press and media campaign. We are receiving record engagement and impressions from our media campaign. Successful placement and publication on many major traditional and crypto publications such as Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph, and over a dozen more.




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Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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