Darkest Before Dawn

  • Michael is back! He has arrived safely at his new permanent residence in Spain.
  • There will be a live demo of the Bridge in action on Sunday’s special edition of Blockchain Education with Eli & Mike.
  • We are releasing a limited minting of Sonar Founder’s NFTs to celebrate the launch of the Ethereum bridge. They will be available on Opensea.io shortly after the launch of the bridge.
  • Engelbert’s “The Daily” is now officially a part of the Sonar Education Ecosystem. Different top crypto projects are discussed and analyzed daily in an informative and collaborative way.
  • The Ethereum Bridge will be released October 14th. We had a very productive test net and had some amazing feedback and work done by our community members who participated in the testing. We want to give a very special thanks to those that helped us with testing.
  • We have a second AMA coming up with the Chainlink community, this time on Twitter, October 14th.
  • Bridge transaction flow is being fine-tuned, and the UI is being refined and updated to better reflect the stage of transactions in progress.
  • The Charting Tool beta demo date will be announced in the next few days by Cristiano.
  • The Whitepaper v2 is in our lawyers hands and is receiving final updates and approval.




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Sonar Official

Sonar Official

The Official Medium Page of the Sonar Platform

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