Calm Before The Storm

  • Q4 Roadmap deeply in progress.
  • Ethereum Bridge currently in testnet, soon to be coming to a close.
  • Meeting stringent and proper regulatory standards in incorporation process. We are not just getting a quick and easy business address. We will be working directly with regulators from the host country. This includes registering the whitepaper with regulators. This is an evolving process and takes time, we have onboarded additional legal aid to assist in the process.
  • The Ethereum Bridge contract will be audited by CertiK. They are standing by waiting for the complete contract and will audit it on an expedited basis.
  • Sonar Charting Tool backend/frontend integration is nearing completion. There will be extensive rounds of testing which will take many weeks. Still currently on schedule for a Q4 release.
  • Investment risk management will be a core functionality of the platform. The tools and educational materials available will assist the user in managing and reducing risk.
  • The Sonar Web3 Wallet will feature the highest levels of security. Will be comparable or exceed current industry standards such as MetaMask.
  • The Wallet itself is non-custodial. The Sonar Team will not have access to your seed phrase, as it is generated locally on your device.
  • Suleman speaks from his cybersecurity background and explains that security as only as strong as it’s weakest link, which usually is the end user.
  • We are going to great lengths to protect our Intellectual Property. The tools currently under development contain sensitive IP, only some details can be released. As we can see, there are a lot of eyes on us and opportunists looking for any scrap of information they can gather.
  • Mike addresses if the platform functionality will be available while using a hardware wallet.
  • Ryan is coming on to work for Sonar full time, some duties will include being an in-house video editor. He will be working with Eli on the blockchain education series.
  • An explanation of token burns, what it really means and what the true function is.

Many people often ask in our chat during times of heavy development “why is it so quiet?” If we are not in chat as much, it is because we are working on the next phase of developments for Sonar. There are many exciting things coming up in the near future. There is often a calm before the storm. The best time to enter is at the lowest point of any consolidation period, which is where we find ourselves now.

Consolidation is necessary to build the liquidity pool for the next leg up. After every pump, the LP must catch up to support higher prices. The time spent trading sideways or down is a healthy and expected part of the asset cycle. Much of what we have been working on behind the scenes will soon be made available, as well as several surprises. We have spent a lot of time planning this next phase, and are excited to share everything with our community. Do not fear Sonarians, holders shall be rewarded!

-The Sonar Team



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