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  • Merch store is live! Community members have begun to receive the first of the orders.
  • We have been invited to attend Web Summit Lisbon 2021! We will have access to the VIP areas. Jacob, Cristiano, Michael, Eli, and Oki will be attending.
  • We have been approved for promotion by the Bitboy team. A lengthy process which has now yielded a result. We are currently awaiting a date and more details on which we will be featured.
  • Finstreet is producing a series of short educational videos about Sonar. Finstreet has a large Asian and Indian audience. They have worked with other crypto blue chips in the past such as Aave and Matic.
  • Gate marketing is about to begin. We have supplied them with a $180K budget with which to market to their audience of 6 million active users.
  • Suleman shows graphs of our social media and Google ad interaction which is increasing exponentially! We are now generating on average 1,000 website visits every 30 minutes!
  • We are simultaneously seeing an exponential growth in interaction with our Facebook advertising campaigns which are bringing thousands of fresh eyes to our platform.
  • Our Chief Security Officer, John, introduces himself to the community for the first time. John has a background in investment banking and big tech. He has spent many years developing software based solutions for financial firms in his field and specializes in code security. He is overseeing the development on the Ethereum bridge and Platform from a security standpoint. He encourages the community to send him any news of recent security exploits so that we can review and learn.
  • A semi-public testnet of the Ethereum bridge will be available before the end of September! If everything continues on the current trajectory, we are slated for a full release of the bridge and a launch on Uniswap Oct. 10th.
  • The first core feature of the Platform, the charting tool, is nearing the point of a public demo being available to view. Cristiano gives a timeline of 2–3 weeks until we are able to show a demo of the charting tool in action.
  • Cristiano goes into more detail about the development process and how timelines are created. Much of the development work is conceptualizing and creating what the end product will be. Creating the ideas takes time and even more so bringing them into reality. Then, the code must be integrated with the design and the user experience, and undergo extensive testing. Since before our token launched, we have set out a clear achievable roadmap of how long we think each stage of development will take us. So far until now, we remain on time and even ahead of schedule. Some features that were slated for Q1 of 2022 may even be available in Q4 of this year.
  • The Whitepaper is being updated and added to in order to conform with Maltese regulatory standards, which are some of the highest in the world. Our Whitepaper will be an officially registered entity and will be the first milestone complete before full incorporation. The timeline given by our legal counsel is somewhere in the range of a few weeks to a couple months. The ball is in the regulator’s court on this matter.
  • We have an upcoming text AMA with the Chainlink community on Oct 6, 1pm UTC. We will post a link in our Telegram announcement channel as the date draws near.



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