AMA Recap: October 20th 2022–0.3 Launch

  • Now that the Blockchain Indexing is integrated, subsequent data updates and blockchain support being added to the Studio will be much faster in succession. We will have 6 blockchains integrated in the next few weeks including Avax, Cronus, Fantom, Polygon, Solana and Near.
  • The new high speed of the indexing allows trading charts to load considerably faster than previous load times. Live transactions and trades are demonstrated.
  • Cristiano demos the new UI of the Studio, including the new highlights bar button placements.
  • “Trading Mode” is a new toggle, you can either click “Live Trading” button or press the “T” button to switch modes.
  • Transaction feed now goes down to 1 second timeframes.
  • If there are additional liquidity pools available you are able to easily switch between available pools.
  • Social sentiment now shows engagement metrics with a new graph. The bars represent sentiment volume with colored tiers. The amount of information from the Social Media Sentiment has been greatly increased. There will be a forthcoming Medium article explaining the new system in detail.
  • Newsroom now displays news based off of your token holdings in your wallet. Full layout redesign of the Newsroom as well.
  • The Sonar Academy is now an available tab, complete with articles. Additional articles will be added in subsequent updates. All articles and art are completely original content. Articles are tagged with categories.
  • Additionally, there is a glossary of terms in the Academy.
  • Profit & Loss widget demo. Includes transfers, reflections, entry and exit price. A useful tool for accurately calculating profit and loss with complex token interactions.



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