A Summit To Remember

We return from Web Summit Lisbon 2021 this week changed men, and with a renewed sense of purpose for what the future holds for Sonar. It’s safe to say that Web Summit surpassed even our most lofty expectations for opportunities. It was an amazing experience and dozens of important relationships and contacts were formed that will take Sonar to the next level and beyond. We continue to follow up with our newfound contacts, arrange further meetings, and outline plans together for the future. It’s safe to say that we will have a blockbuster of a Founders AMA when we return on November 10th! Here are a few pictures from our trip.

(Most of) the squad
(In order) Jacob CEO, Jean-Pierre, Cristiano (CIO), Elias (CCO), Hiko
Dinner with Filecoin, Celsius
Sonar banners in the lobby
Sonar banners at check-in

What an amazing trip!


We have announced an ongoing integration of the Polygon Network and Technologies with the Sonar Platform and Wallet! With the help of Polygon, the Sonar ecosystem will have high-speed and low cost transactions. We will have more details to announce about this milestone soon, as well as an upcoming AMA with Polygon!

Platform Live Demo

If you missed it, we are proud to present the first live peek of the Sonar platform under construction. This is not the complete version but a work in progress. We are currently on track to have a beta release by the end of this year!

We have many more exciting announcements waiting in the wings, and the time is coming very soon to share them. Stay tuned Sonarians, we are building our empire together.

-The Sonar Team