8/18 AMA Recap & Consolidation Period

AMA Recap

The 8/18 AMA was probably the most laugh filled and entertaining AMA to date! Watch here:

  • We address if our current marketcap is sustainable.

History Repeats

We often repeat it. The price action moves in cycles, it breaths in and out. Sometimes exploding in price, and other times consolidating in an undulating pattern. Both phases are required. During consolidation we allow our Liquidity Pool a much needed chance to build and catch up to the recent run-up in price. Let’s take a look at what the chart looked like after the late July/early August pump.

Here is what it looks like now:

Looking quite familiar! These periods are necessary, expected, and healthy. Stay strong Sonarians as we prepare for the next leg up! We have many more surprises in store for you…

-The Sonar Team



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