We got millions of entries, congratulations to the 2000 winners!

You do not need to take any action in order to claim your tokens. Winners will be dispersed winnings of 2500 PING tokens each directly to the wallet address provided to the entry form. Below is a list of all of the winning wallets.

To add PING to your wallet, enter the contract address here:


Decimals: 9

Winner List: HERE

If your wallet address is on the winning list but you have not received your tokens in a 48 hour period from the time this announcement is made, please message @xR3DRUMx on Telegram.

We must disperse winnings in batches, so if you don’t see yours show up right away, please wait 48 hours for your winnings to arrive.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

-The Sonar Team

An overview of Sonar 2021 and a glimpse of 2022 — A message from the CEO

Jacob Camilleri, Sonar CEO

Only dreamers change the world. Something I believe in wholeheartedly and I may have repeated many times to our community. Sonar was born in June 2021, created by dreamers. But, dreams are not enough…

Today, we’re excited to share with you an entirely new brand identity for Sonar.

Making waves in a market defined by its fast pace, bleeding-edge tech, and relentless push forward requires us to embrace a concept, more representative of Sonar’s core values, its personality, and the focus of our venture.

The mind

A bold reimagining of several design layers represents our advance toward the future, while…

We return from Web Summit Lisbon 2021 this week changed men, and with a renewed sense of purpose for what the future holds for Sonar. It’s safe to say that Web Summit surpassed even our most lofty expectations for opportunities. It was an amazing experience and dozens of important relationships…

What is ePing?

  • ePing is the Ethereum equivalent of PING. The tokenomics and tax structure of ePing is identical to PING. The two tokens also share the same supply of 4 Billion. No new tokens will ever be created.
  • ePing will launch on the Ethereum chain October 28th at 3PM…

In crypto, everything is a cycle. Even the strongest and most well known assets play out phases of price and volume. Ethereum and Bitcoin have both seen volatile price fluctuations year in and year out, sometimes dropping as much as 80% in value. However, over a long enough period of…

How to bridge PING and ePing between BSC and Ethereum Networks.

1. Connect your wallet

On the connection pop-up, select Metamask or WalletConnect (for TrustWallet and others).

Note: if MetaMask is not installed, the option will be hidden

Once you are connected the receiving address will automatically be filled in and you can proceed to converting your PING/ePING.

Security tip for Metamask Users: with the…

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